In your Dec. 1, 2010, editorial (“Growing tension,” The Landmark View) about the Riverside Farmers’ Market you provided on-target observations about a successful farmers’ market. You suggested that a “steady handful of passionate devotees” are needed to fulfill the three primary goals of a farmers market which are:

1. Make healthy fresh locally grown produce more readily available right here in our community.

2. Bring people to our downtown.

3. Create a sense of community among shoppers and vendors who attend the Wednesday markets.

You reported that there is room for improvement. As a grower at the market, I couldn’t agree with you more.

A farmers’ market is special in that it provides what a supermarket cannot – the opportunity to talk directly with the grower of the fruit and vegetables – asking about their growing practices, what varieties are offered and their methods of overcoming the yearly battle with pests, weeds and the weather. In essence, shoppers can learn about local food production while supporting sustainable practices.

Planning is now underway for the 2011 market season. If you would like to share your ideas for improving the farmers’ market now is the time to weigh in. Offers of assistance are especially welcome.

Establishing a “core group of passionate devotees” will assure that our market reaches its potential. Please contact me at, and I will forward your ideas and offers of assistance to the village.

Randy Brockway