I, like all other candidates for Brookfield village trustee, anxiously awaited the endorsements from the Landmark. When the endorsements were published in the March, 23 issue of the Landmark, I was not one of their chosen.

The same issue had a blockbuster story about Brookfield’s special assessment areas on page 5. This information has a vast impact on hundreds of Brookfield’s residents, and how they were overcharged. Page 5 seemed a rather odd placement for a discovery of that magnitude. Page 1 had somebody on a skateboard at Ehlert Park.

It would seem apparent that the newspaper has its own agenda. If not for a determined property owner, it’s doubtful that the story would have surfaced. Therefore, it would seem a blessing in disguise not to be endorsed by the Landmark newspaper.

I pride myself on being an independent thinker and my own person. I welcome an opportunity to ask questions and demand answers and not sit back and wait for the next financial bombshell.

Now is the time to elect candidates who will not be satisfied to maintain the status quo.

Wil Brennan, Rebuttal