There should be a ban on political signs and political propaganda in Brookfield. First of all, no one votes because they see a name on a sign. If you are voting for someone, it’s usually because of the person and what they stand for and it’s a personal decision.

These signs are an unsightly waste of money. How many voters actually drive by a sign and say, “I think I’ll vote for this guy because I saw his/her name on a sign.”

How much wasted money goes into these signs? How much garbage blows around in town with these signs. The sight of these signs on everyone’s lawns is unbelievable. The incumbents running for office should practice what they preach and put the money they spend on wasted signage into community organizations and local businesses.

Banning these signs would push politicians to have town hall forums to talk and debate the real issues. These signs and all the wasted fliers stuffed in every nook and cranny on my porch is just one party bashing another. Nothing is based on real issues happening now and what we need, just past unjust deeds of the last party.

If we banned these signs, wouldn’t it be nice to see our politicians have to go out and really work to get their name out there for the right purpose.

Janice Savino