It was quite a week! There were highs and lows! Winners and losers! Happy people and sad people! Changes! Bad weather! Gas prices soaring! The Bulls! The Blackhawks! And my beloved Cubs!

Yet there was something on a daily basis that diverted our attention on a lighter note – the impending nuptials of William and Kate! Since most of the media has taken time to mention the event, I will take the cue and add my sentiments, since I will not be covering the wedding along with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer.

As one who vaguely remembers the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and King Phillip, and was glued to the TV to watch Charles wed Diana, I will assume my position in front of the TV on April 29 to watch the latest royal wedding, since the invites are already out and I was not on the A-List.

Since the Obamas didn’t get invited either, I don’t feel slighted. Frankly, I am relieved for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I don’t think I would look too good in one of those silly hats they seem to wear, and there are not many millinery shops around anymore.

Also, what do you give the couple who, I imagine, have everything? I don’t think they need a toaster, which I could have bought at Kohl’s using my $10 coupons. However, since they are not like most newlyweds, they very wisely suggested people give to charity, and I will donate to one with that in mind.

One of the burning questions has been who will design Kate’s dress (notice how we all take the liberty of calling her Kate?). I did not see her at the run for the bridal dresses at Filene’s Basement last week.

Memorabilia is already available, and you can even purchase a replica of her engagement ring – the one given to William’s mother, Diana, when she became engaged to Prince Charles, for as little as $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Or you can reserve a mini-Kate doll, in her bride’s dress, of course. If that’s not enough, there are plates, coins, stamps and many more things for those who want to own some royalty memorabilia.

In many ways, it is refreshing to have something to focus on of a happy nature, and I’m sure everyone wishes them well.

So, on April 29 I will “attend” the wedding. Maybe I will even bring out my Princess Diana doll and enjoy the wedding with a spot of tea. Maybe my prince, Husband Joe, will watch with me (big maybe). I could put on a tiara (better than a hat), because it’s good to be queen! Best wishes, William and Kate!