This is a rebuttal directed towards a recent editorial, “Ban political signs in Brookfield” (Letters, April 6), regarding the idea that all political signs and fliers should be banned in Brookfield. This letter made the points that the signs wasted politician’s money, suggesting instead that the money should be charitably handed over to local businesses, and that they were unworthy substitutes for actual campaigning and debate.

It is a common idea that the occasional flier can get frustrating, and I also agree that the motives of politicians are a confusing thing to understand. People would like to take steps to clear our town of these agitating methods, but the suggestion to ban political signs is a blatant infringement of our basic rights.

Many people use the political signs and fliers to support their opinions and make their voice heard. When you want to take that away from the people, you also take away their freedom of speech, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It truly offends me when someone wants to prevent me from publicly expressing my opinion by abolishing our basic rights.

The United States of America is a place where a diverse mix of beliefs, views, and opinions can be voiced. There should be absolutely nothing to divert us from that beautiful mindset.

James J. Landahl

James J. Landahl is a sophomore at Riverside-Brookfield High School.