Apathy is not as dead as I thought, but it’s on serious life support based on the number of voters who turned out compared to the total number of registered voters. But still, we did defeat the referendum. This is about as close to a mandate that the new board is going to get. Now it’s up to them to follow through on the cuts promised and make even more and deeper cuts.

They must also take steps to discipline those responsible for crossing the line and embarrassing the school and the community by their blatant disregard for the Illinois Officials and Employee Ethics Act – not just a slap on the wrist, but suspensions and dismissals.

It’s up to Mr. Bonnette to spearhead this investigation with complete transparency and honesty. His reputation depends on it; the community deserves nothing less. The total Vote Yes campaign has been based on crossing the legal line and it leaders must be held accountable. Perhaps the state’s attorney’s office should be asked to investigate allegations of impropriety.

As for student Anna’s posted comment “OMG,” maybe you could pay for some of your activities? Don’t blame Riversiders for defeating your precious referendum. It is true our portion of school funding would be larger than Brookfield’s only because of the higher property values, and it’s not equitable.

Place the blame where it’s due, the administrators’ wasteful use of tax dollars, teachers unions and their demands on the community. Check the world around you and see what other states are dealing with.

Frank C. Vlazny