The PEP party is proud and honored to have once again garnered the support of the people of Brookfield.

Over the past six years the PEP Party has done many things to improve the village we all love. Whether it was through massive infrastructure improvements, hiring professional management, encouraging family friendly events or trying to keep Brookfield a vibrant community, the PEP board has worked tirelessly to move Brookfield forward.

With this said, trustee C.P. Hall, and Trustees elect Ryan Evans and Kit Ketchmark would like to thank the residents of Brookfield for electing them to continue the progress that has already begun in the village.

Thank you for trusting us with your votes. You have elected independent thinkers who will bring new and diverse ideas to the board and make sure that the best interests of Brookfield and its residents are always put first.

After hearing from many Brookfield residents in the campaign process we feel that our mandate remains the same, to improve the village of Brookfield through sound decision-making and thoughtful action. We hope in the coming years to make you proud and continue to garner your support.

Ryan Evans
Kit Ketchmark

C.P. Hall II