Six people have been arrested for a string of 13 burglaries that that occurred near Riverside, North Riverside and Berwyn since January.

The suspects, who are now in the custody of the Riverside, North Riverside and Berwyn police, were arrested this week in an effort that involved several towns’ departments.

Riverside police charged two Cicero men and a 17-year-old with multiple counts of felony residential burglary on Friday, April 29. Eighteen-year-old Fernando Orozco and the 17-year-old were charged with four counts of residential burglary and Charles Cordero, 20, was charged with one count. The Landmark is not reporting the name of the 17-year-old because he is a minor. All three allegedly told police they were members of the Satan’s Disciples gang.

The charges were in connection with a string of 13 burglaries that occurred in the Berwyn, Riverside and North Riverside areas beginning in January 2011.

According to Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel, the three suspects are part of a burglary crew that rang doorbells as a decoy. If someone answered the door, the burglars asked for a fictitious resident, but if no one responded, they burglarized the homes, Weitzel said.

“These guys were part of a burglary crew that was just decimating Riverside, North Riverside and Berwyn,” Weitzel said.

The three suspects were nabbed on the 300 block of Fairbank Road early April 27 by units from Berwyn, Lyons, North Riverside and Riverside.

North Riverside police and Berwyn police have other suspects in custody, though those departments were not available to comment on the suspects or any pending charges.

Weitzel said Riverside and Berwyn were “coordinating” efforts to bring all the suspects they have in custody to Maybrook court house for a bond hearing.