Personally, I wouldn’t care if Bernie Madoff or Al Capone sued District 208. Who brings them to court isn’t the issue, getting to the bottom of allegations the staff used taxpayer money to promote a vote that lines their own pockets is. The Landmark fails to grasp that the 3 to 1 margin of victory itself represents an indictment of the educational status quo. Having their own resources used against them just compounds taxpayer’s indignation. They have had their fill of career administrators in bed with powerful teacher unions manipulating weak and conflicted school boards to their own ends. If nothing else, Mr. Tobin’s suit will help prevent these shenanigans from recurring in the ensuing referendum.

The editorial’s concluding paean to the virtue of taxation is hopelessly out of context. It trivializes the hard fought debate that has gone on over the past six months, and diminishes the Landmark’s excellent reporting on the issue. A cursory review of the paper’s referendum articles, and the accompanying online remarks, should make it quite clear that taxpayers are well aware of the value of education and how it is funded. We are just tired of being taken advantage of. Casting aspersion on Mr. Tobin may very well have its place, but please don’t lose sight of the bigger issue.

William H. Anderson Jr.