In the May 4 issue, Bob Skolnik wrote about the new board at RB and its new chairman, Matt Sinde. In the otherwise informative article, he wrote, “Sinde who some have said has the style of a bull in a china shop …” He does not name these “some” who have so unflatteringly characterized Sinde. When I was a journalism major, my professors would have marked this lack of attribution, especially for such a derogatory descriptor, with an F.

I served under Sinde on the 2020 Master Plan Commission and I was very impressed with his leadership style: firm, directional, no-nonsense, open, insightful, but by no means domineering or as reckless and destructive as a bull in a china shop.

If anyone is breaking things here, it is Mr. Skolnik shattering the rules of good reporting.

Craig Goldwyn