The lawsuit against the Riverside-Brookfield High School board filed by Riverside resident Tony Peraica and James Tobin’s taxpayer organization is currently set for a status report in November.

That means there are nearly eight months in which lawyers can crank out memoranda, pleadings and very large bills, which have to be paid from a badly depleted RBHS treasury. I believe Mr. Peraica’s motive in bringing the suit was to determine whether individuals had engaged in electioneering (that is, the use of public funds, equipment and personnel to affect the outcome of an election).

Based upon reader comments in this newspaper, more than a few citizens share Mr. Peraica’s suspicions that electioneering occurred. Mr. Peraica’s goals can be achieved at little cost to the taxpayer if the newly elected school board authorizes a truly independent investigation into the allegations of electioneering set forth in Mr. Peraica’s complaint.

This would necessitate the appointment of an independent investigator, similar to the appointment of an independent investigator by the previous board for the purpose of examining the conduct of Jack Baldermann.

It would seem that if the board appoints and supports such an independent investigator, Messrs. Peraica and Tobin will have achieved success and can voluntarily dismiss their lawsuit.

The citizens can then await the report of the investigator, confident that whatever his or her conclusions might be, no cover-up has occurred. I urge both Mr. Peraica, Mr. Tobin, and the newly elected board to consider the best interests of the badly battered taxpayers of District 208 and come to such a quick resolution of the lawsuit.

Paul F. Stack