The car wash is out. Washing machines, however, are in.

North Riverside Village Administrator Guy Belmonte confirmed last week that by September the village will be home to H.H. Gregg, a home electronics and appliance retailer, in the building that formerly housed Wickes Furniture at 7250 Cermak Road.

On May 16, the village board passed an ordinance that would rebate $150,000 in sales taxes over three years as an incentive for the Indianapolis-based company to make North Riverside the location for one of 20 new stores it plans to open in the Chicago area this fall.

“They plan on opening stores in our area on Sept. 16,” Belmonte said. “We were the 14th or 15th store under contract in the Chicago area.”

The company has submitted construction plans to the village and will seek one zoning variation, for the sign on the front of the building. That matter will be taken up by the village’s Zoning Board of Appeals on June 16.

Belmonte said H.H. Gregg plans on demolishing the 9,000-square-foot addition attached to the front of the building to create 48 more parking spaces. Right now there are just 13 spaces in front of the store.

That will leave the company with a building of roughly 30,000 square feet, which is about the average size of an H.H. Gregg store, according to information found on the company’s website.

Belmonte said he expects the company to submit its demolition permits in the next couple of weeks.

H.H. Gregg, which has more than 150 locations throughout the eastern half of the country, announced in January that it was expanding into Illinois. According to the company’s website, it “is a specialty retailer of brand name consumer electronics, home appliances, premium video products, mattresses, computers and related services.”

As such, the store will compete directly with Best Buy, which is located just a couple of blocks south of H.H. Gregg’s Cermak Road location, and Sears in the North Riverside Park Mall across the street.

Belmonte said the company approached the village about some sort of incentive to locate its store in North Riverside. Given that the average store takes in $13.5 million in sales annually, Belmonte said, the choice to offer the sales tax rebate was obvious.

“How much can a Halloween store bring in per year?” said Belmonte. “Their stores average $13.5 million, so it’s a nice addition.”

Wickes closed its doors in 2008 and has been home since that time to a number of temporary tenants. In 2009, a car wash franchise sought and won approval from North Riverside to knock down the old furniture store and build a combination car wash/oil change operation there.

However, the plan fizzled and the property owner in December 2009 was hit with a foreclosure lawsuit. That foreclosure was completed in January, with ownership transferring to Clark Street Development LLC of Chicago.

H.H. Gregg will be leasing the space from Clark Street Development, Belmonte said.