With 20 coaching positions set to be eliminated next year at Riverside-Brookfield High School don’t expect volunteer coaches to step in and fill the vacancies.

At a committee of the whole meeting of the District 208 school board on June 7, Interim Superintendent David Bonnette said that the RB administration has an agreement with the Riverside Brookfield Education Association (RBEA), the union that represents RB teachers and support staff, guaranteeing that no paid coach or club sponsor whose stipend is eliminated due to budget cuts will be replaced by a volunteer.

“There will not be volunteers to come in and take over positions, gratis,” Bonnette said. “These are contractual positions and they will not be replaced by volunteers.”

The current contract with the RBEA spells out the pay for all coaching and club sponsor positions at RB.

District 208 school board President Matt Sinde said that replacing paid coaches with volunteers is not allowed by the contract.

“We would be in violation of the contract,” Sinde said.

The RB administration has agreed that the number of volunteer coaches at RB in the just-completed school year will not increase next year.

In the 2010-11 school year there were 11 volunteer athletic coaches at RB said Athletic Director Art Ostrow. Those 11 positions, but no more, will be allowed to continue to be filled by volunteers next year, Ostrow said. Six of the 11 volunteers are football coaches, according to Ostrow.

The no-additional-volunteer-coaches policy will also apparently apply to club sponsors. About 20 club sponsors are also expected to lose their stipends for advising their clubs and those clubs are slated to be eliminated, according to budget cuts proposed by the administration in the wake of the failed referendum.

“We’re not going to change the volunteering landscape,” Bonnette said.

The school board is considering a host of budget cuts and fee increases, including charging fees to those who join RB athletic teams, in an effort to cut the large budget deficit RB faces as a result of the defeat of the tax increase referendum in April.

The cuts in coaches, along with the elimination of boys and girls water polo, are projected to save about $130,000 next year. Eliminating the three part-time assistant athletic directors and the retirement of one athletic trainer are expected to save another $31,485.

Coaches and club sponsors are paid stipends that are specified in a schedule in the contract with the RBEA. Stipends fall into one of nine different categories. For example assistant football and basketball coaches will be paid either $5,851 or $6,915 in the upcoming school year, depending on their experience.

Club sponsors are paid much less than coaches. Many club sponsors were scheduled to receive stipend of less than $2,000 next year and almost all club sponsors were scheduled to make less than $2,600 next year.

Reductions in club activities and stipends, including eliminating the fall play and staging a spring musical every other year, are projected to save $113,412 next year, according to an RB handout.