On July 2, Saturday morning around 9 a.m. (in the heat), I was in a rush to get through several errands. One of my stops was the Brookfield National Bank’s ATM machine on Washington Avenue.

I made an error in my initial transaction by asking for too much money. In my rearview mirror, I noted a woman behind me on a bicycle and a car behind her. I got a little frazzled and retried my transaction with a lesser amount. I saw yet another message on the ATM screen, so I threw up my hands, let out a wail, took my card and drove off, thinking I’ll contact the bank and/or try again later. I tried 90 minutes or more later and still another issue with the transaction – no money allowed.

I called my bank to find out why in heaven’s name they would not grant me any funds. The gal indicated one transaction had gone through, and since I had previously set a limit, no additional money was allowed. Imagine my response!

“What do you mean a transaction went through! I think I would have seen the machine offering me money prior to driving off!”

My recourse was to file a dispute at the bank at some future time.

Praying all the way, I drove to the bank, went to the front desk, collected myself and began my saga to the lovely lady in her patriotic shirt. As I got to the question of, “Did anyone turn in $200?” she nodded yes. “Hallelujah! Oh my, I am so happy to hear of honest people! Was it the gal in the white T-shirt on the bicycle?” Yes it was.

The folks helping me at the bank did not know the woman who turned in my money, so I could not leave a thank you. I hope you or someone you know is reading this and please know that I am very grateful to you! Your actions are truly a breath of fresh air.

Mary Johnson