There was a time in January when a development deal for the vacant property at Eberly and Ogden avenues in Brookfield looked imminent. Six months later, the village’s exclusive marketing deal with a commercial real estate firm has expired and any deal appears to be in limbo.

Since May 2010, the firm of Korman, Lederer & Associates had a contract to either sell or develop the village-owned parcel that once housed a car dealership and, later, a tire store. The firm was tasked with attracting a national fast food/ice cream tenant for the property. But despite some hope late in 2010 and early in 2011, a deal fizzled.

According to Keith Sbiral, director of building and planning for the village, there was some talk by the village board about extending the real estate agreement with Korman, Lederer in executive session recently but that “if there wasn’t an imminent development in sight, there was no need to extend the agreement.”

Sbiral wouldn’t rule out an extension of that deal in the future.

“I’m trying to make sure both sides understand where we really are,” he said. “There is a development that’s been identified that has potential to move forward. But there’s one component that still needs to be worked out.” That component is the tenant, said Sbiral, who added that Korman, Lederer was looking to be the developer of the property.

Meanwhile, there has been other activity on Ogden Avenue – mainly with buildings coming down.

The Brookfield Moose, which is currently bank-owned, on DuBois Boulevard just north of Ogden Avenue, was leveled in March. No longer actively being marketed by its owner, Fifth-Third Bank, its price had been lowered to $425,000 in late 2010. In 2006, it sold for $1.35 million.

Between the Moose and the Eberly/Ogden property, the abandoned mixed-use building at 9508-10 Ogden Ave. looks like it could be demolished some time this summer.

Sbiral said the building’s owner was awaiting the issuance of a demolition permit by Cook County. The building was ordered shuttered by the village in March 2008 after a fire revealed multiple serious code violations.

Since that time, the village has had to respond periodically to complaints of squatters gaining access to the building.

“It’s been an issue on and off,” said Sbiral.

Finally, the old Cousin’s Corners building at 9138 Ogden Ave., directly east across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts, was purchased out of foreclosure in March for $135,000 by the owners of Brookfield Auto Center at 9134 Ogden Ave.

The building has been demolished and, according to Sbiral, the auto center has applied to create a parking lot for the business on that now-vacant parcel.

“Demolition is the first step to redevelopment,” said Sbiral.

– Bob Uphues