The Brookfield village board and police department gave awards to three teens and an off-duty Cicero police officer who assisted in the arrest of a man who attacked a Brookfield police officer around midnight on Nov. 1.

Police were called to the vicinity of Prairie and Shields avenues, after Brian Meza, 21, of Brookfield, was reported to be walking down the sidewalk while screaming obscenities. When an officer arrived, Meza allegedly attacked the officer.

Teenage friends Blake Ortega, 18; James Harris, 16; and Omar Laureno, 16 were outside in Harris’ backyard when they heard the commotion.

“These youths were sitting outside of their house and observed the attack and felt the officer needed some assistance, so they actually helped the officer subdue the offender,” said Brookfield Police Chief Steven Stelter.

According to police reports, the three young men witnessed Meza threatening the officer and then they witnessed as Meza “took the cop down to the ground” and “put him in a choke hold.”

They realized the officer was getting hurt and ran to intervene, grabbing Meza’s arms and trying to pull him off, according to reports. A passing off-duty Cicero police officer, Greg Dybas, stopped and initially thought the trio was attacking the officer. He ordered them away and helped to handcuff Meza, who was allegedly under the influence of drugs.

The three young men and officer Dybas were given the Outstanding Citizen Award at village hall by Stelter during the Brookfield Village Board’s regular meeting on Nov. 28.

Ortega and Harris came to the ceremony with their parents and well-wishers.

“They probably helped keep my officer from getting injured as well as the bad guy himself. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” said Stelter.

Meza was charged with one count of aggravated battery to a peace officer, one count of resisting a peace officer, Stelter said. At a court hearing last month, Meza pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and was sentenced to nine days in prison, but was credited for the time he already had served. He also received 18 months of court supervision and was ordered to pay $575 in fines and court fees.

“People do outstanding things in this village. On behalf of the board, we’d like to thank you,” said Village President Michael Garvey.