As the snow descended upon our fair village on Friday, and knowing that I was not going out sledding, skating or skiing, it was good to get a call from Riversider Ellen Egan who also was in watching the snow.

After exchanging pleasantries, she informed me she wanted to talk to me about mailboxes. She had recently moved her mailbox to make it accessible not only for her to retrieve the mail but to make it safer for her mailman (or is it mailperson, just want to be politically correct) during the bad weather. Her conversation with her delivery person made it clear that many a postal worker has taken a spill or wound up with aches and pains that one does not ordinarily get.

It was Ellen’s thought that more people may be inspired to reposition their mailbox with their delivery person in mind. As our conversation continued, I realized we had already done that very thing when, a few years ago, we purchased a mailbox on a post (I think it was because Husband Joe liked the way they looked). We put the post at the bottom of our front stairs. It is easy for us to get to, because there is a canopy over our porch and we are safe from the elements.

When our postal person, Bruce, came around I happily exclaimed, “Look what we bought for you. Now you won’t have to worry about ice on the front step.”

I think he was genuinely pleased.

You may want to give this subject some consideration. Since we live where our mail is delivered close to our doors, unlike suburbs further west where mailboxes are at the end of the driveway, there’s no running out the door in your robe to get the mail (talk about inconvenient).

So a good phone call on a snowy, stay-indoors day proved to be not only a pleasant conversation, but a subject for a column – and a very good idea one, which Ellen Egan and I hope could catch on with many of you.

Your mail carriers will appreciate it.