We are soon approaching that non-official holiday that we tend to celebrate anyway, known as Valentine’s Day. In thinking of this day, I came upon a quote from that funny lady Lily Tomlin who said, “If love is the answer, would you restate the question?”

The quote brought to mind my mother’s answer to me when I asked about love. Why she said what she did, I don’t know, but her reply was that it was a tickling sensation around the heart that can’t be scratched. Obviously the answer satisfied me until I garnered my own interpretation.

Today, we view the day much differently and, like many things, it has been highly commercialized. We now can find a variety of decorations to adorn both inside and outside of our homes, some can be seen right next to the still hanging Christmas lights or teetering reindeer.

Children’s valentines have come further than the make-them-yourself variety we did in school, with paste sticking not only on the construction paper but our hands and everything else (thank goodness for glue sticks). Children are also guaranteed they will all receive a card since the rule is you bring one for everyone, which saves a lot of tears.

As adults we have also taken it a notch up. We have been inundated with ads for flowers, jewelry, candy, cards and gift items. If those are your choices, you don’t have to go far. I count six flower shops in the Riverside and Brookfield area. If you go that route just remember red roses mean “I love you.”

If you’re giving candy and feel guilty that it isn’t the healthiest choice, Aunt Diana’s Fudge Shop in Riverside carries a good selection of dark chocolate, which is good for you. There are plenty of places to dine out, and the Chew Chew even has a special Valentine’s Day menu.

Then again you may look at the day as one with a religious significance and reference St. Valentine. Actually there was more than one St. Valentine, and they didn’t seem to have much to do with “love.” They were all martyrs.

Around 1969 the Pope even removed St. Valentine’s name from the calendar and now he/they are just listed among the long, long list of saints.

Celebrate however you wish. A random act of kindness would be nice! Hearts to you, readers!