In the race for the Republican nomination in the U.S. 3rd Congressional District, we are endorsing Western Springs resident James Falvey.

While we don’t believe any of the Republicans in the race have much of a chance against well-funded and now-entrenched incumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski in November, Falvey is certainly the most electable in our eyes.

In many ways, the positions of Falvey and his only credible opponent, Richard Grabowski, are similar. Both believe government should get out of the job creation business. Both want to roll back the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And both say they’re against gay marriage, although Falvey is on board with civil unions.

Grabowski has questioned Falvey’s bona fides as a Republican – a charge we don’t particularly buy and something that gives a view into his mindset. We believe Grabowski would be a rigid legislator, one not open to compromise and one who wants to push his notion of “family values” on the rest of the nation.

The gridlock in the U.S. Congress right now is due to ideologues who can’t imagine a reality that doesn’t conform 100 percent to their notion of how the world should work. There’s no need to make the situation worse.

Perennial candidate Art Jones will get some votes, he always does, though we’re not sure why. A Holocaust denier who in 2011 threw a birthday party for Adolph Hitler at a Lyons restaurant, Jones is clearly beyond the pale. Unless you have a penchant for arm bands, it’d be best to steer clear.