Judging by the number of parents who turned out last week for the first meeting of the new ad hoc graduation requirements committee of the Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 Board of Education, there is a lot of interest in the issue.

Now the school board is looking for a few community members to serve on the committee.

“The goal of this committee is to look at the graduation requirements and to see if they are meeting the state requirements while preparing students for college and career readiness,” said a press release issued by the school on Monday inviting community members to apply to be on the committee. “The financial implications of the graduation requirements will also be reviewed.”

Those interested in serving on the committee should apply to the board secretary Mary Ann Nardi. An application can be found online here at the bottom of this article, at the school’s website or from Nardi, who can be reached at 708-442-7500, ext. 2107.  Applications are due by Wednesday, April 11.

The board will review the applications and choose who should serve on the committee. The committee will be comprised of board members, staff, parents and community members. The co-chairs of the committee are board members Laura Hruska and John Keen.

Grad Reqmt Committee App