How did we not see this coming? Talks between the Riverside-Brookfield High School board and the Riverside Brookfield Education Association break down.

Remember the pass-the-referendum-and-the-union-will freeze-wages offer? Now it’s extend the golden contract and we’ll hold off on raises for a while. Business as usual.

In the past the only people hurt were the students when the teachers went on strike when contract negotiations went south, and maybe taxpayers. The stakes have gotten higher now. Not only are district homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes because of high property taxes based on increased school funding, younger teachers are losing their jobs, which will affect their ability to pay mortgages, etc. It’s like dominos. …

I think it’s time for all of the teachers to band together and rid the union of the millstone of [union president Dave] Monti. Ask to get out of the union and negotiate your own contract if you want to stay employed.

As for the retirement of Mr. Miller after 30 years, we taxpayers should be lucky enough to get a package like his. It’s contracts like this that have put the school in the position it’s in. It’s time to put an end to them.

Frank Vlazny