I think that the rules about the stop signs and talking and texting on the phones should be stricter.

Six thousand people die a day in the United States from car accidents. Also there are a million injuries a day from talking and texting on the phone. Itfs not fair that people die because other people are talking and texting while they are driving. I think when people are driving they should use a Bluetooth or even turn off their phones so people donft get tempted to talk on the phone. Kids and even adults get hurt and die from car accidents.

When people get caught using their cellphone while they are driving, I think they should get their license suspended.

When the driver gets in a severe accident they can damage their car. It is very expensive to damage a vehicle, and they can even damage village or city property. I think there should be signs reminding people that when you get caught using your phone while driving, you will get a ticket and you will also get your license suspended.

You should take my ideas, because I once was in a situation where I almost got hurt by a driver using their phone. When that happened it felt like my heart was beating 120 times a minute. And thatfs why I really want kids and adults to be safe.

Briana Lechuga

I am writing this letter because I am very concerned about unsafe driving habits that I have observed. Some examples of unsafe driving are drunk driving, text messaging, non-use of helmets by motorcycle riders, listening to loud music, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

Driving habits such as these can endanger our lives and the lives of others, too. Drivers should pay more attention when behind the wheel. It seems to me that it is very easy to get side-tracked while driving.

Drivers certainly have certain freedoms and can still choose to do these things, but if drivers want to stay safe, then they should be urged to make better choices.

Angela Murray

Ed. Note: These two letters were written by fifth-grade students at Central School. Their teacher, Erin McCarthy, gave students a persuasive writing assignment, and these two students chose a letter-to-the-editor format to find the best audience for what they had to say.