Over 35 volunteers of all ages showed up for the annual Riverside Springs Ahead’s Beautification Day on April 7. Thanks to their efforts, we spruced up all of the planter beds in our downtown and then some. Over four full dump trucks of debris were carted away and we are now ready for Riverside’s downtown to blossom with the spring rains.

Volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce, Frederick Law Olmsted Society, Riverside Garden Club, Riverside Juniors and other residents all pitched in. It was great to once again have our village forester, Mike Collins, and Jesus Moran from public works working side by side with residents to make the day an overwhelming success.

We got a big boost this year from Boy Scout Troop 24. Ten young men, some of them from neighboring communities, were a joy. At one point when I asked them if they wanted to take a break or keep going, a chorus of voices said, “Let’s keep going!” They did themselves and the tradition of scouting proud.

The downtown planters are part of the village’s Adopt-a-Bed program where individuals and groups can adopt a planter bed to care for throughout the summer. It requires no gardening experience and takes only a few minutes a month. For more information, please contact me at bsells@riverside.il.us. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help Riverside Spring Ahead!

Ben Sells

Ben Sells is a Riverside village trustee.