Hey, look kids, another lawsuit from the desk of Tony Peraica!

Since November 2010, it seems as if Mr. Peraica has concentrated on little else than scheduling court dates. The latest is another lawsuit against Peraica’s nemesis, Jeff Tobolski, who defeated Peraica at the polls in 2010 and humiliated him in the process when McCook police charged him with damaging Tobolski campaign signs.

In July, that case is supposed to go to trial in Cook County Circuit Court. The result of that trial likely will determine the course of a related federal lawsuit Peraica filed in November 2010 against Tobolski, claiming Peraica was wrongfully arrested and his character defamed.

Peraica has it in for Tobolski.

At the heart of the latest lawsuit is Peraica’s claim that state law prohibits Tobolski (and as collateral damage, Peter Silvestri) from being both mayor of a town and a county board member, because Tobolski’s (and Silvestri’s) towns are in a county with more than 50,000 people.

Silvestri has been on the county board and has served as village president of Elmwood Park for almost two decades. For eight of those years, Peraica served on the county board with Silvestri without so much as a peep about a conflict of interest that, according to the latest lawsuit, is “against the peace and dignity of the state.”

It’s also a bit odd that Peraica apparently never saw a problem with holding two elected positions in apparent violation of that same law while he was on the county board. Peraica was also Lyons Township Republican committeeman while he was a county commissioner. The state statute he calls out in his lawsuit doesn’t allow that position, either.

This lawsuit appears about as frivolous and transparently vindictive as you can get.