Carol Spale is known around North Riverside for her infectious smile, kind words and good deeds. And she has spread that feeling to many people, encouraging them to perform acts of kindness and have others experience those acts.

At the Mayor’s Committee of Neighborhood Services meeting on May 29, North Riverside Mayor Ken Krochmal proudly turned over the microphone to Spale, who had the pleasure of introducing the children of North Riverside and neighboring towns to explain how they had done their part, doing kind deeds for other people.

Four groups were introduced – the Lathrop Family, 22nd Place, Mater Christi CCD and DUCKs, and students took turns relating how they had made crosses and gave them to neighbors, how they had visited those they felt might like some company and gave them the homemade crosses as a reminder that they are cared for. Kids described making visits to the British Home and bringing happiness to residents.

The DUCKs – which stands for Doing Under Cover Kindness – told of making meals for families and gifts for a woman who they knew was lonely. As the children took their turns to talk about what they had done for others, it was obvious they had received much in return. The DUCKs even made their own brochure, and liked to refer to themselves as a “flock.”

Following the presentation, the mayor and Spale presented certificates to the kids.

Spale, who has been the driving force behind the community involvement effort for more than 20 years, told those assembled, “Each one of us makes a difference and wherever you are, no matter what your age, you can do an act of kindness.”

The presentation was part of the Mayor’s Committee of Neighborhood Services meeting and was attended by block captains, interested citizens and guests. Those in attendance also had time to have questions answered and learn about some new restaurants that are soon to be in North Riverside.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Carol Spale and her work helping others can contact her at 447-4932 or When you have met Carol Spale you will learn how her smile and kind words invite you to be part of a caring and sharing world, no matter where you live or what your age.

It’s a wonderful program and feeling!