I wanted to write in reference to the article you wrote about Saul Alvarez and Ping’s Hideout (“Ping’s Hideout gives kids a place of their own,” News, Aug. 1).

I am the resource development director with The LeaderShop (formerly CEP Youth Leadership) in LaGrange. Here at The LeaderShop we empower youth to become community-minded individuals through diverse programs that foster confidence, knowledge and leadership.

Our community-based programs and services are designed to give youth the tools, confidence and passion to want to make a difference in their communities and their own lives.

For many years now we have been making a concerted effort to provide opportunities for youth in the Brookfield community and are excited that you found and highlighted someone with the same mission: Saul Alvarez. I certainly do commend you on finding positive information regarding youth engagement and empowerment.

As a youth agency also trying to do programming in the area we appreciated the article and it provided us with additional information as we are continually looking for program space as well as positive opportunities available to our youth.

Thank you sincerely, for taking the time to notice and highlight such a great community resource.

Alysa Lewandowski, resource development director
The LeaderShop