The village board’s finance committee will discuss possibly lowering waste hauling charges to North Riverside residential customers next month.

Officials were expected to take up the discussion at the finance committee’s meeting on Sept. 10. However, the issue of waste-hauling rates will be part of a larger long-range financial planning discussion scheduled for Oct. 8.

In addition to waste-hauling rates, the finance committee will also talk about other fees the village charges residents and businesses.

North Riverside officials are considering lowering waste-hauling charges to local customers in light of a new waste-hauling contract approved by the village board in August.

The village’s new waste hauler, Roy Strom Co., is charging the village $18.04 per residential customer per month. Prior to the new contract, the village’s previous waste hauler charged $22.87 per residential customer.

The difference in price is expected to save North Riverside more than $120,000 in the first year in waste-hauling charges alone. The village will also save another $100,000 in 2012-13 because it has discontinued its blue bag recycling program.

However, the amount the village charges its residential customers is based on the old rate and any change needs village board approval.

-Bob Uphues