It won’t be long before everyone else knows what so many of us already know, that the Chew Chew Restaurant in Riverside is one of the finest eateries in the Chicago area. This will occur when Chew Chew is one of the featured dining establishments on the popular TV show Check Please!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Channel 11 program hosted by Alpana Singh, guests on the show suggest their favorite restaurant to be visited by the other guests and then critiqued. Restaurant owners are not aware when the “mystery diners” are visiting their restaurant. On the show, the diners describe their experience while the person suggesting the restaurant tells why it is his or her favorite place to dine.

Chew Chew on Check Please! was long overdue although it had been recommended numerous times. What finally gave it its due this time, I’m not quite sure.

Owner Scott Zimmer says the name of the person suggesting his establishment shall remain a secret until the show airs sometime in November (read this column to find out when). Camera crews had already visited the restaurant to get some interior shots, but the faithful turned out on the evening of Sept. 26 when the cameras rolled again. We saw first the new outdoor seating and lights which give the restaurant and the area a truly inviting look.

Good thing husband Joe and I had reservations as we sat with Mike and Louise Wimmer of Higgins Glass and acted casual but took in all that went on. The camera crew filmed throughout the evening, occasionally stopping at a table to get a few comments.

The following day, Zimmer complimentd the TV crew but held his highest compliments for his staff of whom he could not have been prouder as they kept everything moving, he said. He also was pleased by the support from the people who showed up that evening to be part of the action at what is the favorite restaurant of many. Zimmer also said when the show is aired, his faithful and loyal supporters will be on hand for a viewing at the restaurant.

The Chew Chew, located at 33 E. Burlington in Riverside, opens at 5 p.m. for dinner seven nights a week. A family-friendly place to dine, it has a full-service bar and an extensive menu with many longtime favorite choices as well as specials and added items to tempt your palate. I’m happy to say there is plenty of parking.

Check please!