A big thank you to RAIN (Riverside Area Inclusion Network) for a fantastic resource fair held Saturday, Nov. 3 at the North Riverside Recreation Department.

RAIN is a District 96 organization with about 40 members (parents and educators) invested in meeting the needs of students with different learning styles through education, support and networking.

Saturday’s fair had over 20 booths, which included Mothers On A Mission, University of Illinois Medical Center services, legal supports, after-school activities, Easter Seals and even stress relief for parents (neck massages).

The morning included an intriguing presentation by Dr. Georgia Bozeday from the Rush Neurobehavioral Center on executive function skills. Another productive forum on “mindfulness” captured the attention of everyone in the room.

The ideas and topics presented were pertinent to anyone who works with or lives with children. Thank you for providing such an enriching experience for parents and educators to connect and learn to advocate further for the children of our community.

Karen Judy Foley, M.D.