Brookfield’s village board in two weeks will officially vote on whether to approve a revised preliminary development plan for a new public library campus at the intersection of Grand Boulevard, Lincoln Avenue and Park Avenue.

And while a discussion of the plan on Monday didn’t reveal that the vote will be a slam dunk in favor, trustees showed no particular opposition to the plan and appear likely to allow it to move ahead.

At least two trustees signaled their approval of the revised plan, which would reduce the size of the library parking lot but create an extension of Oak Avenue to connect Lincoln Avenue with Grand Boulevard.

“This plan seems to address the concerns I had,” said Trustee Ryan Evans.

Meanwhile, Trustee Michael Towner, who had concerns with the library’s original plan related to traffic circulation, also appeared satisfied with the changes.

“Of the two plans, this is the one I like better,” said Towner.

There was still opposition to the plan from some residents. Don Urban, a Brookfield resident and vocal critic of the library’s plan, again voiced his opinion that the proposed site was the wrong location for such a campus and that the library had no need for such a large building.

“I think they are way over-stepping their bounds,” said Urban. “It should go to a referendum of all Brookfield residents.”

Three other residents, including former library board President Jonathan Platt, spoke in favor of the plan. Platt said the location was perfect and that the new campus would be a benefit to all local organizations.

“Nothing came close to accommodating the library than this piece of property,” Platt said.

Village President Michael Garvey cautioned trustees to consider the site plan as they would for any other applicant. It wasn’t the village board’s job, Garvey said, to determine whether the library needed to build the campus.

“I think we should limit discussion to whether the plan adheres to [development] standards,” Garvey said. He did not venture an opinion on the subject one way or the other.

The vote to approve the preliminary plan will take place at the village board’s next regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at village hall, 8820 Brookfield Ave.

In addition to the plan itself, trustees are likely to vote to grant the library board additional time to make any approved plan a reality. The library board has asked that it be granted up to seven years to begin construction on the new campus, which would include building a 38,500-square-foot building at 3541 Park Ave., where the former Brookfield United Methodist Church is located.

Once the board gives approval to the preliminary planned development, library officials are expected to finally move ahead with purchasing the property from the church for $615,000. The two parties agreed on that sale price in March, and the property was supposed to change hands in July.

However, the sale was put off as the library board navigated the development approval process.

If trustees vote in favor of the preliminary planned development and the time extension for the plans, library officials will have five years to submit a final development plan to the village. The final plan will also be vetted first by the plan commission and then by the village board, which would give final approval.

The library board would then have two more years to obtain building permits for the new library.