I am writing this letter in support of Matt Sinde, Mike Welch and Ed Jepson for the District 208 school board.

Matt Sinde and Mike Welch have been on the board for nearly four years now and have done an outstanding job of helping the school district in a time of transition and economic need.

They successfully hired Dr. Skinkis, our wonderful new superintendent, and have successfully kept the school within budget despite a failed referendum. Ed Jepson is a well-respected, top Chicago-area attorney.

The year 2013 will be a time of transition for District 208. The teachers’ contract is expiring, and we need to have a good team of solid professionals with good judgment to help us negotiate a new contract.

We especially need board members who understand that these are trying economic times, and, while we want to keep Riverside-Brookfield a great school, we need to operate it within financial reality. These are the people who can help us do that.

Riverside-Brookfield High School is a great school and I know it will remain so.

Joanne Rogers