Courtesy Riverside Police Department

Appriss (a vehicle accident reporting system), partnering with Docview (utilized via internet to obtain accident report copies), developed an “in squad” accident reporting system and has awarded Riverside Police with a fully, 100% funded grant (no match) software package for on scene reporting.

As of January 2013, Riverside police officers will be able to complete accident reports on the in-car computer. When complete, they can send the report directly to IDOT and Docview. Best of all – the software reduces down time for officers handling auto accidents.

Since May 2010 Riverside has utilized Docview for accident report record keeping. People involved in an accident, or their insurance companies, can utilize Docview to obtain a copy of the accident report. Additional recordkeeping (now done by Police Dispatchers) will be eliminated, thus saving time.

As many know, the paperwork is the most time consuming of the reporting process. By utilizing the new software, an officer responding to the accident scene can complete the accident report quickly with less error.

Riverside Sergeant, Bill Gutschick stated, “Expediting the reporting process on the street will make things safer in that we’ll be able to clear lanes more quickly of wreckage debris and emergency equipment”.