One of the etchings by Tony Fitzpatrick that will be on exhibit at the RAC through Jan. 12. Image courtesy of the RAC website.

OK, so I was on deadline this morning, trying to get together breakouts for the calendar section in tomorrow’s newspaper. I came across a good one:

Riverside Arts Center was hosting a reception for Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick on Sunday, Dec. 16 from 3 to 6 p.m. Now Tony is a pretty big deal and this exhibit of new work — it’s called “American Etchings” — is something of a coup for the RAC, which is located at 32 E. Quincy St. in Riverside.

Here’s the trouble, though. So I go to the RAC website to see if I can snag a photo and … their website was gone. I went to a cached page and all the photo links were broken, like the site had been shut down. So I went to the RAC Facebook page, which unfortunately listed the dates of the exhibition as being from Nov. 30 until Dec. 12. 

I called the one person involved with RAC I had a cell number for, Jennifer Taylor, but she didn’t answer, so I punted. 

The RAC breakout is not in the paper.

So here it is now on the web, because the mystery has been solved. The RAC website was down, apparently because this morning they were uploading the brand new, ultra swanky RAC website. And sure enough, there’s info on the Tony Fitzpatrick show, which ends Jan. 12, not Dec. 12.

The Dec. 16 reception is on and you really should go, and not just because he knows my brother, Chris.