Congratulations are in order for the Brookfield Beautification Commission, which pulled off its second Governor’s Hometown Award in November, when the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development honored the group’s effort to create Progress Park at Eight Corners.

The Beautification Commission has got to be one of the hardest-working volunteer groups in Brookfield. In addition to hosting Project NICE — its other award-winning program — in the spring and fall of each year, the group two years ago embarked on a master planning process for introducing public art into the village.

Progress Park, with its striking mural, was a truly collaborative effort. The commission was able to get buy-in from the local bank, Brookfield Zoo, the high school and local businesses, all of whom enthusiastically backed the plan.

And it looks like that experience was such a positive one that many of the same people are on board for an encore. With the creation of a fundraising foundation, the Brookfield Beautification Commission is moving forward with its public art master plan.

We expect to see even more projects in the future, ones that we’re sure will result in even more recognition.