Pictured From Left to Right - Back Row: Jesus Moss, Joseph Halrez, Joseph Mengoni, Matthew J. Decosola, and Vera A. Wilt. Front Row: Rosario Mandile and Piankhi Diggs. Not Pictured: Hubert Hermanek and Kathleen Ranieri

VIP candidates Matthew J. Decosola, Joseph Mengoni, and current Trustee Vera A. Wilt recently delivered full Holiday dinners to North Riverside residents of Seguin Services, a not-for-profit agency serving metropolitan Chicago. Donated by the candidates of the Voters Improvement Party, the dinners were intended to assist Seguin in providing resources to individuals in need.

“Seguin Services Inc. provides wonderful and necessary services for children and families in our Village, and we were proud to be able to make a small donation this holiday season,” Trustee Hubert Hermanek said. “I look forward to continuing to partner with Seguin Services Inc. on future endeavors involving our most vulnerable residents.”

Seguin provides safe and loving homes for individuals who have disabilities and serious medical or emotional conditions. Always striving to integrate, enrich, and empower people with disabilities, Seguin lives its mission of “supporting adults and children with disabilities and other special needs, enabling them to be productive, valued members of society.”

The VIP Candidates for the April 9th Election are Hubert Hermanek, President; Kathleen Ranieri, Clerk; Matthew J. Decosola, Trustee; Joseph Mengoni, Trustee; and Vera A. Wilt, Trustee.