William and Jean Evans in 1948 (left) and in 2013.

William F. and Jean Marie Evans, both residents of the Woodlands of Cantata in Brookfield, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Jan. 24.

The couple married in Chicago in 1948 and attempted to drive to New Orleans for their honeymoon, but made it only to central Kentucky before a snow storm halted all traffic. They finally made it to New Orleans for the 40th anniversary in 1988.

Bill, who is 90, and Jean (nee Betts), who is 88, raised seven children and lived in Chicago Ridge for more than 41 years. Bill served in the South Pacific as a chief petty officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He later worked as an engineer/technician at Argonne National Laboratory until he retired in 1987.

The couple celebrated their 65th anniversary with family members at the Woodlands.