Jennifer Mundt Leimberer, Mary Ellen Meindl and Lisa Gaynor are experienced dedicated board members
with a long-standing commitment to the District 96 school district and community.

Leimberer and Meindl were elected to the D96 Board of Education in 2009 and Gaynor appointed to fill an open seat in 2011.

Actions speak much louder than words, and we are proud of our board accomplishments:

  • Negotiated a teachers’ contract tied to revenue.
  • Improved community access to the board’s work by improving the district website, creating a district communication plan and implementing board book.
  • Actively involved in a balanced, data-driven discussion to find solutions to the district’s rising enrollment and changing demographics.
  • Provided active leadership with strategic planning.
  • Hired a new superintendent with input from all stakeholders and are proactively and strategically transitioning district leadership.
  • Proactively preparing for the pressing financial implications of the new teacher evaluation systems and the impending pension reform legislation.
  • Actively involved in the academic transition to the new Common Core Illinois learning standards and evaluation system.
  • Developing a K-8 world language program.
  • Actively involved in curricular reviews in special education and
  • Quest/gifted education with expectations for parent and community input via surveys and focus groups.
  • Our collective long-standing commitment to our community is evident by our active involvement.
  • Leimberer serves as chair of the D96 education committee, is active in the Hollywood PTA, has an M.S. in teaching mathematics from University of Illinois-Chicago and has spent over 20 years as a teacher, researcher, teaching teachers and in curriculum development.
  • Meindl serves as the D96 board president, chair of the policy committee, held many Central School’s PTO officer positions, has a B.A. in journalism from Northern Illinois University, managed client relationships for a point of purchase display manufacturer and food company for 20 years and taught Dale Carnegie training, a leadership, communication and human relations course for over 10 years.
  • Gaynor serves on the D96 finance committee and actively participated in many district committees; enrollment solutions, communication, global connections, satellite kindergarten and world language study group and held many Blythe Park PTA officer positions. She has a B.A. in advertising from Michigan State and an M.S. in advertising from Northwestern. She worked in the advertising/market research field for 12 years.

Our board has dealt with a difficult distracting situation these past six months, and a resolution has taken more time than anyone would have liked. We are confident we will bring this matter to a just and fair conclusion. We look forward being able to bring more attention to the progress that is being made to improve the educational experiences of all students.

The current board works well together, engages in lively discussion while respecting our differences of opinion. District knowledge, board experience, understanding the governance role and the public education system are key qualities that we believe are important during the transition of our new superintendent.

Please vote 1, 2, 3 on the D96 ballot in support of the experienced and dedicated choice of Leimberer, Meindl and Gaynor.

Jennifer Leimberer, Mary Ellen Meindl and Lisa Gaynor are members of the District 96 Board of Education and are running for re-election on April 9.

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