Mary Rose Mangia is my neighbor. I urge you to vote for her for the District 96 school board because:

She lives up to her commitments and will make personal sacrifices to do so. If she says she will be open, transparent and fiscally responsible, she will be.

She is team player and will do more than her share toward achieving the team’s objectives.

She will act in financially responsible ways. She has managed a staff. Her career in insurance and financial services will serve the community well.

She is fact-based. She’ll work hard to find the optimal solution.

She is honest and ethical and open. I wouldn’t expect her to promote a hidden agenda.

She is well educated, values education and wants our community’s schools to provide the best education to all students. She knows that attracting and retaining the best teachers are critical to our school’s mission.

She has financially contributed to her many nieces and nephews college education.

She has close family members who would have greatly benefited by the special needs programs available today. She will work to provide the best education to all students.

I urge you to vote for Mary Rose Mangia on April 9. She isn’t about excuses.

Mike Strojny