Courtesy Tom Weitzel

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel opposes legislation that allows students and visitors to bring firearms to family entertainment parks and school campuses.

“It would create a Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences of which I feel will cause undue anxiety, tension, concern, and fear,” said Chief Weitzel. Weitzel said that while he supports the Second Amendment, the rights it provides do not necessarily extend to government or school property.

“I’m a Second Amendment supporter,” said Chief Weitzel. “I believe in the right to bear arms but like so many things in the Constitution, it’s not absolute. I think that there are some places guns should never be allowed like government buildings, school environments and family entertainment parks such as the Brookfield Zoo. Parts of the Brookfield Zoo are within the jurisdictional limits of the Village of Riverside.

Chief Weitzel has sent a letter to Speaker Michael Madigan outlining his objections to the concealed carry at the Brookfield Zoo and school property.