I’m encouraging everyone to get out and vote next Tuesday for our school board elections, and specifically to vote some new blood into the District 208 school board.

What do we need now? Creativity. Passion. I was very impressed by Jim Landahl and Joe Wanner when I heard them speak recently at a coffee. They seem to be very open to creative solutions for RB’s financial crunch, and support more open communication between the board, teachers, and parents. Certainly in this day and age of electronic communications we can achieve that goal for very little money. They also want to do everything possible to retain RB’s greatest asset: our teachers.

We also need: expertise. I want to voice my support for Ed Jepson. I know Ed personally, can vouch for his character and good will toward the school, the students and our community. As an employment lawyer, he can lend expertise and delicacy to a situation that needs to be handled in a professional manner. He will help guide the board to realistic, fair-for-all solutions.

Karen Doornebos

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