Thank you for your reference to me in last week’s endorsement editorial as “qualified” and “deserving of the office” of Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 board member.

I also appreciate the Landmark’s recognition that over the last four years RBHS has been an “institution in transition” in which decisions had to be made that were “not … popular among staff and many in the community” but which were “inevitable” due to “the utter failure of a property tax referendum in 2011.”

When I first sought election to RBHS’ board, I knew we faced tough times. Ignored issues had stacked up. Chief among these was the school’s loss of credibility. Voters underscored their concerns by defeating the school-backed referendum almost 3 to 1. The new board, which I have been honored to serve as president, heard them loud and clear.

We inherited very serious errors. The school was far too close to insolvency and fiscal collapse. It had agreed to a contract it could not afford, and we have seen its results in the cuts we have had to make.

Sustainable quality education is our only compass heading. It will remain so. But to be sustainable, we must be fiscally balanced and credible in the community. Doing as we were told by the voters, and doing what we say we will do, will earn back our good name and reputation — over time.

It is no easy task, so I invite every Landmark reader to join us in making RBHS the finest Illinois public high school that the families and taxpayers of District 208 can afford.

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