This letter is quite belated, but nonetheless, I want to sincerely commend the North Riverside paramedics for their exceptionally compassionate and comprehensive medical assistance on June 20, 2012. On that date, I had a serious fall down my basement steps.

My granddaughter and my neighbor called 911, and within minutes paramedics Hank Guevara and Brian Sheridan arrived. They assessed my situation and provided first aid while still in my home. Once I was transferred to the ambulance, they continued first aid and inserted an IV drip, containing medication to ease my pain.

It was one of those 90-plus degree days and in spite of the air conditioning within the ambulance, it was still horribly hot. The heat, however, did not impede the excellent care I received. I was extremely impressed with not just their medical knowledge, but with the compassion, empathy and kindheartedness.

Once the primary support was given, they whisked me to Loyola Medical Center, where I received equally first-rate care. They even remained with me until my family arrived, comforting me in my pain.

Words fail me as I remember how fortunate I was/am to live in a community where the emergency medical care is so outstanding. I wish to thank Ken Rouleau, chief of North Riverside’s Fire and Paramedics Department for employing such a talented, skilled and empathetic staff.

Barbara E. Silvestri
North Riverside