Construction season in Brookfield this year looks like it will be short and sweet, with just one road project scheduled. The village will finish its roughly 10-year campaign to repave major thoroughfares by resurfacing Maple Avenue from the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad tracks south to 47th Street.

The $835,000 project is being funded in large part by a federal grant of about $501,000. The rest of the funds will come from motor fuel tax revenues. According to Village Engineer Derek Treichel, work is expected to begin in mid-May and continue until about July 1.

Last year, the village completed some water system improvements in the 3900 and 4000 blocks of Maple Avenue in advance of the road resurfacing project slated for this summer.

The Maple Avenue work will be a relatively simple job — grinding off the old asphalt and replacing it. Curbs and gutters will be replaced in just a few spots, and there will be little in the way of sewer repair. ADA-accessible sidewalk ramps will be added to intersections.

Maple Avenue will remain open to traffic for the vast majority of the project. However, two separate sections of the street — from Ogden to 47th Street and then Ogden to the tracks — will be closed for approximately three days while the new roadway surface and road markings are applied.

There are no other street, water or sewer infrastructure projects on the drawing board for 2013.

Major capital plan coming

Once Maple Avenue is complete, the village board will be confronted with the larger issue of funding and scheduling the repair of Brookfield residential side streets. Treichel said that his firm, Hancock Engineering, has already completed a street survey and has given it to village officials.

The last time Brookfield conducted such a street survey was in 2001.

The new survey, which examines and rates the condition of each residential side street in Brookfield, will be part of a major capital improvement plan. According to Village Manager Riccardo Ginex, the capital plan will be presented to the village board in June or July.

In addition to streets, the plan will also address other village infrastructure, such as water and sewer pipes, buildings and vehicles.

“We’re doing a whole capital improvement plan to see what’s out there that needs to be replaced,” said Ginex. “It’s going to be an eye-opener. The street survey is only going to be a small part of it.”

But streets will be an important part of it. The village’s president-elect, Kit Ketchmark, said prior to the election that motor fuel tax money might be able to be used to fund bonds for street improvements.

The price tag for addressing all of the streets in need of replacement is expected to be a whopper. Especially in the Congress Park section of the village, where the original concrete streets are in need of replacement, the expense to replace those streets with concrete would be enormous.

“We know Congress Park is bad, and streets like Rochester and Garfield,” said Ginex.

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