David DeLeshe shakes hands with Cook County Clerk David Orr after winning the coin toss.Photo courtesy Cook County Clerk's Office

Stickney Village Trustee Coin Toss

David DeLeshe, the vice president of the Brookfield-Lyons School District Board of Education, earned another title on Wednesday morning — village trustee in Stickney.

Cook County Clerk David Orr decided a question that ought to have been answered on Election Day, April 9, with the flip of a quarter. The county clerk’s office certified the results of the April 9 election on April 30 and determined that DeLeshe had finished in a 573-573 deadlock with incumbent Stickney Trustee Lea Torres.

According to state law, ties are to be determined “by lot” by the county clerk. At the official coin flip at the clerk’s office Wednesday morning, Orr put both candidates’ names in separate pill bottles, placed the bottles in a fishbowl and shook the fishbowl before selecting DeLeshe’s name. That gave DeLeshe the opportunity to call the coin flip.

While the coin was in their air, DeLeshe called “heads.” Heads it was, giving DeLeshe a seat on the village board.

You’d think that a coin toss determining the election would be pretty rare, but it’s happened twice before in the past few years. In 2011, a coin flip determined a village trustee race in Broadview and a school board race in Berwyn. A coin flip also determined a suburban Cook County election in 2007.