Time for a little nostalgia this week, brought about when I saw groups of high schoolers in their prom attire Friday night gathered at area homes to take pictures for a night to remember.

It made me remember my prom, and I do believe if any of you saw this year’s students all spiffed up you had a wave of nostalgia for your prom.

Going to an all-girls’ school, in my case Nazareth Academy, gave you an advantage. You could ask the guy; you didn’t have to wait to be asked and go through the trauma of not being asked.

If you didn’t have a boyfriend or friend to go with, rest assured your mother always had a friend who had a son who would be happy to go, and you took your chances. I did have a few of those dates, not for my prom, but for other events. It made my mother happy, and I had a fairly good time. Rarely did they go into a second date.

There is a world of difference between my prom and today’s proms. First of all, there is the venue. Our prom was held in the Nazareth gym, and our parents signed a note saying what time we would be home. Today’s prom-goers end up at someone’s lake house.

There’s also food at prom these days — appetizers or possibly dinner. I don’t know if we had any munchies at ours, after all we had to protect the gym floor. The music I don’t remember, probably 45’s played on a record machine over the loud speaker.

My most vivid memory was the presence of the good sisters who wove about the “dance” floor, checking to make sure we were dancing a safe distance from our partner and our dresses were modest. They always had a sweater handy to cover up.

I did have fun at prom; it was one of the last times we would be together before graduating and going on to other things. It would be fun to do it again, but unlike today’s female prom-goers it would not be in 4- to 6-inch heels.

Happy Mother’s Day! This Sunday is Mother’s Day, which really should be every day. Moms are special and are their kids’ best friend, even if she gave you a curfew when you went to prom. She knows your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses and loves you no matter what. So remember your Mom on Sunday; she is always with you.