The Riverside District 96 school board on May 20 voted unanimously last week to hire new principals for Central and Ames schools.

The new principal at Central School will be Pete Gatz, 37, who is an assistant principal at Gregory Middle School in Naperville. Gatz will replace Janice Limperis, who is retiring.

Todd Gierman, 44, will replace Colleen Lieggi at Ames School. Lieggi announced on March 28 that she would be resigning at the end of the school year. Gierman is the assistant principal of Daniel Burnham Elementary School in Cicero.

Both Gatz and Gierman will be paid $100,000 and received one-year contracts.

Last week the school board also voted 6 to 1 to rehire all other current administrators to one-year contracts, replacing their previous multi-year deals.

Rehired were Director of Special Education and Assessment Mary Polk, Director of Technology Vern Bettis, L.J. Hauser Junior High Principal Leslie Berman, Hauser Assistant Principal Stacy Westin, Blythe Park School Principal Bob Chleboun and Hollywood School Principal Mindy Keller.

New board member Randy Brockway cast the only vote against approving the new contracts for the returning administrators.

“There were a couple of individuals that I didn’t support, but others that I did,” Brockway said. “We voted as a group. It had to do with salaries and maybe performance issues.”

Brockway declined to say which current administrators’ contracts or performances he had issues with.

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