The sun was out, the air was crisp – what a beautiful day. I walked into the North Riverside Library and immediately all my senses seemed to peak. The cordial warmth of everyone and everything made me feel the sorrow, happiness, peace, passion, reality and fantasy of all the written words within.

The listed activities, many pictures, different displays, including the large glass display case that covers art, crafts, ceramics, antiques, scout projects and memorabilia of anything you can imagine, which changes monthly, is overwhelming in a positive way.

All of this does not just happen, but is put together by a team of caring people led by Bob Lifka. Thank you so much Sarah, Mike, Carole, Priya, Mary, Cathy, Danny, David, Joanne, Helen, Marion, Susan, Juan, John, Carlene, Rebecca, Karen, Nancy, Joe, Barbara, Kathleen, Laurie, Linda, Esmeraida and Christine for doing so much to add so many wonderful things to our lives.

Jim Zak
North Riverside