Riverside Brookfield High School and the Riverside Police Department conduct a canine search on Thursday, Sept. 19, during 3rd period class time.

The search was a collaborative effort between the District 208 administration and the Riverside Police Department in an effort to create a safe and drug-free environment within the school.

Several area police departments participated in this search, which was monitored by staff serving as impartial observers. Among the areas searched were “some classrooms, backpacks and several hallway lockers that we identified as part of the pre-planning,” said police chief Thomas Weitzel in an email. The locations were picked at random during the pre-briefing.

The 13 K-9 dogs, which were specifically trained for this type of search, were kept away from direct contact with students and staff at all times. The K-9 units involved were Cicero, Oak Park, Cook County Sheriff’ Police, Palos Hills and Willowbrook in addition to assisting manpower from Brookfield, Brookfield Zoo, North Riverside and Lyons.

These types of random searches will continue to be a part of the annual procedures at Riverside Brookfield High School in order to create a safe and drug-free learning environment.