Over in Brookfield-Lyons School District 103, the school board is furiously scrambling to find out just how taxpayers’ money has been spent in the name of capital improvements.

Whatever the auditors — who have been charged with finding out just what the heck went on over the past couple of years — come up with, one thing seems clear: The school board ought to demand that any business hired to do work in the district be qualified to do so.

Large capital projects are not completed by hardware stores. And any company engaged in work as a subcontractor should, at the minimum, be on record as an actual corporation in the state of Illinois, no?

The board needs to not only audit this work but find out what exactly it’s getting for its money by favored contractors who end up with sweet, no-bid work.

News of serious cost overruns on a project at Edison School ought to sound alarm bells for the way business is done in District 103. The school board needs to clamp down on its internal processes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.