Property tax consulting firms are aggressively soliciting township residents offering to help homeowners claim missing exemptions and file appeals. Solicitors ask to come into homes for appointments. Unless you personally know those soliciting, warns Riverside Township Assessor, Fran Sitkiewicz, do not let unknown persons into your home.

It is within homeowners’ rights to go to outside sources for assistance; however, the Assessor’s Office wants to make sure that residents are aware that missing exemptions and property tax appeals can be applied for, without any cost to homeowners, through the Riverside Township Assessor’s Office. Additionally, the township is now closed for appeals and will not open for such action until January 2014. If you have any concerns or questions about missing exemptions or property taxes, please contact your Riverside Township Assessor’s Office. Assessors will address taxpayer’s questions and concerns free of charge.

Call (708) 447-7700 on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for more information.